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Mediation Services For Employment Related Matters

In addition to his employment practice, Michael L. Holland also offers services as a mediator in employment related cases. As a board certified labor lawyer, Mr. Holland has over twenty nine years experience in litigating and trying employment related cases in state and federal court throughout Texas. As such, Mr. Holland brings extensive experience as a mediator in a wide variety of employment law matters.

Holland & Holland, LLC has complete facilities at its North Frost Center location in San Antonio, Texas to conduct both pre and post suit mediations. Mr. Holland offers both half day and full day mediations at the following rates:

Half day mediation - $750.00 per party
(A half-day mediation is four (4) hours. Each additional hour or part thereof is billed at $340.00 per hour, to be split between the parties or as otherwise agreed by the parties.)

Full day mediation - $1,250.00 per party (lunch included).

Any mediation involving a claim under the Fair Labor Standards Act will be charged at a rate of $2,000.00 per party.

If you would like more information about the mediation services offered by Michael L. Holland, please do not hesitate to contact him by e-mail at mholland@hollandfirm.com or by telephone (210) 824-8282.


Contact Us at 210-824-8282 with your employment law or mediation questions.

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