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Labor & Employment Newsletter Index
Client Info Mailing • FMLA Expanded to Cover Military Families
Vol. 1, Issue 1 April 2007      • Texas Employer Liability for Independent Contractors
• When Is It Time To Pay For Employees’ On-Call Time
• Brokers at A.G. Edwards Have Wage and Overtime Claims
• FMLA Complaint Policy Invalid
• ADHD Not a Disability for Workers
• EEOC Discrimination Charges Increase in 2006
• EEOC Litigation Recovery from 2006
Vol. 1, Issue 2 July 2007       • Supreme Court Tightens EEOC Charge Filing Deadline
• Uniform Enforcement of Absence control Policy is Not Retaliatory Discharge Claim
• ”Negative Attitude” Not Sufficient for Retaliatory Discharge Claim
• DOL Guidelines Regarding Wage Deductions for Exempt Employees
• Pregnancy Discrimination Claims Becoming More Common
• Reminder: Minimum Wage Increases
• EEOC Restoring Focus on Race Discrimination and Other Systemic Bias
Client Info Mailing • Reminder: Minimum Wage Increases
Aug. 30, 2007 client letter • Recent Changes to Immigration Law
Vol. 1, Issue 3 Nov. 2007       • Workers’ Compensation Retaliation Claims Can and Should Be Avoided
• EEOC Restoring Focus on Race Discrimination and Other Systemic Bias
• The Fate of Bonuses Under FMLA
• Hepatitis C: A Disability for Cooks under the ADA
• Both Adverse Action and Timing Key in Retaliation Case
• Age Discrimination Claim Survives
• Sexual Orientation Bill Advances
Vol. 2, Issue 1 Jan. 2008      • Protection from Liability for Work-Related Injuries Extended for Premises Owners
• Computer Employee Exemption under FLSA
• Shifting Reasons Make an Unstable Defense to Failure-to-Promote Claims
• State Court Loss Not Res Judicata for EEOC Suit for Injunctive Relief
• Bill to Guarantee Seven Paid Sick Days Each Year
• FMLA Expanded to Cover Military Families
Vol. 2, Issue 2 Apr. 2008    • Punitive Damages Survive in ADA Claim
• Racial Discrimination Cannot Be Disguised As “Diversification”
• High Court Punts On Issue Of Whether “Me To” Evidence Is Admissible In Discrimination Cases
• New Legislation: Senator Kennedy Introduces the Fair Pay Restoration Act; Healthy Families Act Has Good Intentions But Could Be Very Expensive
Vol. 2, Issue 3 Aug. 2008      • Sexual Harassment Suits Can Still Generate Large Jury Awards
• Despite EEOC’s Error, Plaintiff Can Still Sue
• Ten Most Common Handbook Mistakes
• New Legislation – Dangerous bill Introduced Giving Labor Unions Big Advantage In Organizing A Workforce
• Interesting Surveys – 20 Percent of Workers Allegedly Steal; and About One in 12 Full-Time Workers Reports Using Illicit Drugs
• When Do You Have To Pay Employees Their Normal Wages To Vote
Client info mailing • Is Your Company Prepared For The Major Changes To The Americans With Disabilities Act
Vol. 2, Issue 4 Nov. 2008    • Employee Free Choice Act: Employers Beware
• Anti-Union Policy
• No Solicitation
• How The current NLRA Applies To The Non-Unionized Workplace
Client info mailing • Revised Form I-9
Vol. 3, Issue 1 Mar. 2009    • Important Update: Congress Expands COBRA Obligations for Employers
• Latest Developments With The Employee Free Choice Act Claims
• Ledbetter Fair Pay Act Could Lead To Increase In Pay Discrimination Claims
• Facing Realities: Conducting Terminations of Individuals in Uncertain Economic Times

• Employers With Pre-Dispute Arbitration Agreements Need to Make Their Feelings Known to Congress
Vol. 3, Issue 2 Aug. 2009

• Reverse Discrimination vs. Disparate Impact
• Short Quiz – Pa/Wages in a Down turn

• No Retaliation Under FLSA
• No Retaliation Under FMLA and Emails Are Not Helpful
• Covenant Not to Compete – Enforced

• Minimum Wage Increased

Client Info Mailing • Is Your Company Prepared To Deal With H1N1 In The Workplace
Vol. 4, Issue 1 May 2010

• Background Checks
• Internal Investigations
• New Notice and Disclosure Requirement - CHIPRA
• Unpaid Internships
• Costly Stereotype Remarks
• Breaks for Nursing Mothers
• COBRA Premium Subsidy Extended

Vol. 4, Issue 2 Aug. 2010

• Department of Labor Announces Major Shift
in Strategy for Enforcing Federal Laws

• Federal Contractors Now Required to Notify Employees of Right to Unionize
• IRS Launching Crackdown of Employees as Independent Contractors

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